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You might want to watch this 8-minute video created by the Consumer Electronics Association

Getting the most from America's New High-Definition Television System is simple and inexpensive. You just need an antenna for sets made after 2007, and a Converter Box if you have an older TV. No need to get cable, satellite or a new TV to enjoy America's DTV Channels.

"Multicasting" allows stations to broadcast up to six new channels in the space of their old one. Channel 9, for instance, is now DTV channel 9.1, 9.2, 9.3, etc. Cable and satellite would have you believe they carry most of these new channels, but they don't...

Cable and satellite strip and leave out most broadcast channels to save space for other $ervice$. To get genuine HDTV just add an antenna and converter to your existing setup. You'll be amazed how many HDTV channels you can tune, and how much better everything looks over-the-air!

Find the keys to complete your HDTV System!

HDTV in Indianapolis, Muncie and Bloomingdale

Greater Indianapolis HDTV Channels

Station    Channel    RF Channel Network
WTTVDT 4.1 48 CW
WTTVDT2 4.2 48 Ind
WRTVDT2 6.2 25 Ind
WTVWDT 7.1 28 Fox
WISHDT2 8.2 9 Ind
WISHDT3 8.3 9 Ind
WTHIDT 10.1 24 CBS
WTHRDT 13.1 13 NBC
WTHRDT2 13.2 13 Ind
WUSIDT 16.1 19 PBS
WUSIDT2 16.2 19 PBS
WUSIDT3 16.3 19 Ind
WFYIDT 20.1 21 PBS
WFYIDT2 20.2 21 PBS
WFYIDT3 20.3 21 PBS
WVUTDT 22.1 22 PBS
WVUTDT2 22.2 22 PBS
WVUTDT3 22.3 22 PBS
WNDYDT 23.1 32 MyN
WTTKDT 29.1 54 CW
WTTKDT2 29.2 54 Ind
WTIUDT 30.1 14 PBS
WTIUDT2 30.2 14 PBS
WCLJDT 42.1 42 Ind
WIPBDT 49.1 23 PBS
WIPBDT2 49.2 23 PBS
WXINDT 59.1 45 Fox
WIPXDT 63.1 27 ION
WIPXDT2 63.2 27 Ind
WIPXDT3 63.3 27 Ind
WIPXDT4 63.4 27 Ind
WDTIDT 69.1 44 Ind
All of these new channels, and many more, are Free! No cable or satellite is needed for any of them. Just select an Antenna, using the information below, to receive crystal clear HDTV signals Free in the Indianapolis/Muncie/Terra Haute/Bloomington/Vincennes Area.

Antenna Selection Guide

To find the perfect antenna, first list the RF Channels around Indianapolis which you want to watch. The CEA, Consumer Electronics Association, and NAB, National Association of Broadcasters, created the AntennaWeb to help you with the rest. Free! An example of how it works is presented below.

NOTE that all TV stations are transmitting on different channels now. To avoid confusion, however, the new tuners and converter boxes allow a station to keep its old channel number while automatically switching you to its new RF Channel. Some of the new RF Channels are VHF but most are UHF.

RF Channels on your list numbered less than 14 are VHF. They need a broader antenna than UHF channels; the ones numbered 14 and up. Since HDTV is 91% UHF, you probably won't need to use a broad antenna.

Most can use an indoor antenna. They work just fine with older TVs using a converter box, and with all new TVs. You'll need an outdoor antenna if you're more than 15 miles from transmission towers, but most towers are located very near town and are powerful enough to reach you.

PRESS HERE to use AntennaWebs Guide We'll use a site near Tampa, Florida
Select  then ENTER:
11565 66th Ave, Seminole FL 33772

A Map appears, press Continue. Next a Channel List appears, press "Show Digital Stations Only," and this list appears. The strongest stations are at the top. Record the RF channels, with colors, you like. You'll need both for the Antenna Charts.


Cross-checking this List with Tampa's RF Channel List reveals a shortage of stations here, and WTSP is not on RF Channel 10, etc. If you have any doubts check with for another List, as below.
Tampa's HDTV Channel List from
What's important is to get-a-feel for the distances and directions to desirable stations' towers (under "Dist" and "Azimuth" above). Let's select CBS, ABC, FOX, NBC and PBS Networks, all of which are farther than 15 miles away. We'll need to use an Outdoor Antenna to receive them. Fortunately, station towers are clustered in most cities - East of us in our example.

Antenna Color Codes

A Color Code represents an antenna's reception strength. Within 15 miles of stations an indoor antenna can be used (in the Yellow, Green and Light Green Zones). Farther away you'll need an outdoor antenna. Our Example calls for antenna types red, blue and violet. If we plan to use one antenna it would need to be a violet type to cover the others. Furthermore, two of our desirable RF channels are VHF, needing broader VHF antennas.

HDTV Antenna Color Codes
 Small Multi-Directional Antennas
Small Multi-Directional HDTV Antennas
DESCRIPTION   The smallest of TV antennas receive UHF and VHF RF Channels from all directions.
APPEARANCE   Good looking home interior designs.
USE   For use where signal strength is high and with No pre-amplifier.
 Medium Multi-Directional Antennas
Medium Multi-Directional HDTV Antennas
DESCRIPTION Larger and slightly more powerful, may be placed in interior attic.
APPEARANCE These antennas include novel stick, wing shaped or disk antennas.
USE An amplifier is recommended for 20 feet long, or more, cables from the antenna, or when more than one TV or VCR is used by a single antenna located AWAY from reflecting structures or in valleys.
 Large Multi-Directional Antennas
Large Multi-Directional HDTV Antennas
DESCRIPTION Bigger in size, these antennas receive more signal power. Better for greater distances from signal source and areas with low signal strength. May work well in interior attic.
APPEARANCE Styles include element antennas. These antennas can be used to reject simple ghosting.
USE When mounted at rooftop heights (30 feet) outdoors, amplified antennas can be used in light green color code areas away from reflecting structures or low areas.


 Small Directional Antennas
Small Directional HDTV Antennas
DESCRIPTION Picture quality is excellent when no signal reflecting structures are around.
APPEARANCE Multi-element rooftop antennas.
USE Suitable for far edge of light green color code areas. Amplified antennas with rooftop mounting can be used in these areas if the area is free of signal reflecting structures and is not in a low area.
 Medium Directional Antennas
Medium Directional HDTV Antennas
DESCRIPTION Most popular rooftop antenna because of its modest size.
APPEARANCE Multi-element rooftop antennas.
USE If there are ghost producing reflective structures near TV receiver antenna location, this kind of antenna is best for yellow, green, light green and red color code areas. Amplified antennas with rooftop mounting can be used with the blue color code.
 Large Directional Antennas
Large Directional HDTV Antennas
DESCRIPTION Large antennas used in weak signal areas for maximum possible TV reception.
APPEARANCE Multi-element rooftop antennas.
USE Can be used in any color code area, but requires an amplifier and roof mounting for blue and violet color codes.

A Small Directional UHF Antenna pointed 10° lead spliced into  
A Large Directional UHF/VHF Antenna pointed between 92-95°

 Or one Large Directional UHF/VHF Antenna with a rotor for pointing.

Having gone thru this Example  ENTER YOUR  Indianapolis Area address or zip code

Note on the Indianapolis Area: The RF Channel List shows only two VHF channels, 9 and 13, on the new line up. They will need broad VHF antennas for distant viewing. The others just need slender UHF antennas.

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