Cable HDTV Tests

Getting the most from America's High Definition Television System is simple and inexpensive. All you need in most cities are "rabbit ears," a reliable Converter Box and a TV. No need to buy a new set or service to enjoy digital television NOW.

"Multicasting" allows TV stations to broadcast up to six channels in the space of their old one. Channel 9 is now HDTV 9.1, 9.2, 9.3, 9.4, etc, each better than the old signal. Cable and Satellite would have you believe they have what you need to enjoy them.

Almost all Cable and Satellite Services now carry as many new digital channels as they plan to. But they compress the signals and omit many to save space for their other $ervice$. Here's how Real HDTV looks compared to Cable's HDTV on the same TV screen...

Real HDTV    Cable HDTV
  Real HDTV Screen Photo                                                       Cable HDTV Screen Photo

The FCC's New Rules say Cable can strip their television signals by thirty percent or so. Unfortunately, that much compression is noticeable on your living room TV set. It's the difference between seeing eyelashes and dark shadows. Between spectacular sound and stereo. Variants alien to most TV watchers but stunning on your TV set. Once you've seen it there's no going back! TV Converter Box and Cable Input

Cable and Satellite can be exposed by simply adding rabbit ears and a good Converter Box to your set. Just run the three converter box output lines to your TV input or add a switch box. With both cable and converter box tuned to the same channel, switch between them while watching any prime time program.

You'll be so blown away... and wonder how Cable gets away with such deception. What's really annoying is that almost all Cable Services have done all they plan to do with the new HDTV system already. All you can expect from them is more of the same at higher prices!

There now. You've passed the test and shown the world, for less than one Cable bill, that you can take on the Big Boys! If you're not completely satisfied simply return the antenna and converter box to the store where you got them. How can you beat that deal?

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